Call for speakers and sponsors

We kindly invite you to participate in this workshop as a speaker, preparing a contribution related to one of the topics in the programme, and presenting it within a 15 minutes time slot.

The contribution should focus on how does your company (organisation, university, association, office) sees and solves issues related to this topic today and your plans for tomorrow, your present experience, which are your needs that should be solved for improving your products/services and what you recommend to include in upcoming standards or regulations.

Finally, some hints for the preparation of your possible contribution are included in the “Speaker's Guidelines”.

Call for sponsors

Your contribution as a sponsor will be valuable in order to organise a nice and effective event. 

As a sponsor, depending on your sponsoring level, you will be entitled to have your logo published in this Web site and in other material, and to present one of your best ICT products within an appropriate Panel of the programme, in order to describe it to the audience (subject to approval from the organizing committee). 

Levels of sponsoring are:

500,00 Euro
logo showed in public documents and web site

1000,00 Euro
as above plus presentation of one product

2500,00 Euro
as above, with exhibition of a poster and short product demonstration
5000,00 Euro
as above, with bigger emphasis on the role had in the organisation of the workshop

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