Digitalisation and Sustainability of the Railway System

  • In a world affected by global problems (involving health, climate, energy, natural resources, environment), the transport sector needs to give its best contribution in order to minimise the impact of human activities, offering safe and sustainable services.
  • Railways are already a very green and efficient transportation mode, but more needs to be done to keep and improve their position as the backbone of the mobility system, in accord with the EU Green Deal and the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy.
  • As always, regulations, standardisation and research will have a big responsibility in driving the evolution of railways towards such ambitious objectives.
  • Following a tradition of success, this workshop will present insights of the policies, technologies and standards which will steer the evolution of the railway system in the future.

    Some examples of the topics, which will be discussed:

  • European strategy and policy
  • Cybersecurity
  • Climate change and Energy efficiency:
  • Hydrogen, Batteries, Driver Advisory System (DAS)
  • Digitalisation:
  • Automatic Train Operation (ATO), Digital Automatic Coupler (DAC), Digital Twins, Artificial Intelligence
  • Innovation and standardisation:
  • upcoming results from research projects and new standard proposals
  • … and much more

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