• Year 2021 is the European Year of Rail and will see a number of important milestones and events, like the start of the new research & innovation framework programme Horizon Europe and the launch of the railway research programme Europe’s Rail (successor to Shift2Rail).
  • Railways role will be essential in achieving the European Green Deal objectives, which require to reduce the environmental impact of the transport systems.
  • To fulfil such responsibilities and be in line with expectations, railways will need to improve their competitiveness in terms of cost, performance, energy consumption, interoperability, reliability and attractiveness.
  • Following a tradition of success, this workshop will present insights of the policies, technologies and standards which will drive railway evolution in the next years, introducing innovation and boosting their competitiveness.

    Some examples of the topics, which will be discussed:

  • European objectives and policies
  • Automatic Train Operation
  • Hydrogen and hybrid trains
  • Digital twins and virtual certification
  • Digital Automatic Coupler
  • Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer
  • Hyperloop
  • Time Sensitive Networks
  • Train Geolocalisation
  • … and much more

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